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“So To Honor Him” Christmas Concert

Baymonte students showcased their musical talents at the annual Christmas Concert. Sounds of merry melodies filled the sanctuary at Santa Cruz Bible Church. Mr. Braun, Music Program Director, delightfully lead the students as they played, sang and strummed songs of the Christmas season. Mr. Patterson noted in the welcome that most of these students only began playing these instruments in September. It is exciting to see their progress in a few short months. Thank you to all the family and friends that came out to support our students. Save the date for Baymonte Celebrates the Arts on May 10th.


Baymonte Student Advances to Nationals

This past Sunday, 7th grader Caelan Gilliam competed in the Region 14 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships at Woodward Park in Fresno.

Caelan’s team, Los Gatos Running Club, finished in first place in the girls 11-12 division. This qualified the team to compete in the National Junior Olympic Cross-Country Championships on December 9th, in Tallahassee Florida.

Caelan was the 4th runner on her team, finishing the 1.86 mile course in a time of 12:38, which was a personal best. She was 20th overall (11th against other teams).

The Los Gatos team won with a combined score of 48 points, besting second place McFarland, from the movie “McFarland, USA” who had 62 points.

The team qualified for the regional meet by coming in first place at the district meet held November 18th, in Folsom.

Caelan will be flying with her 6 teammates to Tallahassee for the race on December 9th.


Experience a School Day at BCS

Bring A Friend To School

Baymonte Christian School is hosting our “Bring A Friend To School Day” on Monday, November 20th, for students currently in K – 7th grade. Become a BCS student for a day and meet our students, teachers and staff. If they have a friend at Baymonte we will pair them up for the day, otherwise we will connect them with a buddy in their current grade. Complimentary lunch included. Also, take home a BCS Swag Bag as a thank you for visiting us.

Current students are encouraged to invite a friend from a sports team, church, or neighborhood to spend a day at school. A complimentary lunch will be provided for you and your buddy.

To have your child participate in this special “Bring A Friend To School Day”, please complete the online consent form by Wednesday, November 15th. If you have additional questions please email or call the Baymonte Office.


Second Grade Surgeons

We’ve been learning all about the human body in second grade. We have studied the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, muscular and skeletal systems! Our culminating event was “Surgery Day”. Students were given some “emergency situations” and they had to perform surgery on the skeletons provided for them. It was fun, challenging and luckily all the “patients” made it through surgery!


Baymonte Tech Trek 2017

Tech Trek participants enjoyed clean air as they raced on Saturday. Thank you for your prayers and support concerning our event and the victims of the fires. Our event was once again a fundraising success. We hope you and your family had a great time. Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff that make this day possible: Rebecca Finney, Jerryne King, Mark Giblin, Michelle McDaniel, Kristi Trefethen, Rod Caborne, Stephanie Affolter, Pam Hanson, Don Seely and countless more.

Congratulations to Stephano Profumo of Santa Cruz for winning the 5K Tech Trek at a time of 17:38. Click here for RACE RESULTS.

A huge thank you to Denise Tinkess and Patrice Fernald for taking these great photos.


Reposted on the Occasion of the Passing of Glennon Culwell

An Interview with our Founder, Glennon Culwell

Baymonte Christian Schools exists today because of the vision, commitment and faith of Glennon Culwell.   As Baymonte marks it 40th year of operation, I sat down with Glennon to discuss his inspiration, our early history, and his vision for our future.

Glennon first came to Scotts Valley in June of 1958 as a candidate for the position of pastor at the First Baptist Church of Scotts Valley, now GateWay Bible Church. He told me that 13 people voted to call him; he was not offered a salary but they promised him they wouldn’t let him starve. When his wife Jeanie asked what his response was, he replied, “I said I’ll be there Sunday”.

At that time the only school in Scotts Valley was on Bean Creek Road, the site of the current public middle school. In time, Vine Hill School was built and the Principal and local Superintendent of Schools were committed Christians. Many of the teachers were graduates from Bethany Bible College and prayer in school was common. When a candidate for the school board challenged prayer taking place in the local schools, Glennon organized a successful campaign to support the current board members. Shortly thereafter courts voted to restrict prayer in schools.

In 1966 Glennon’s daughter Shirley was starting high school and would be leaving the school district. Glennon was joined by First Baptist members Art and Marion Davies and Ben Croghan in enrolling their children at Valley Christian Schools in Los Gatos. Valley Christian Schools was established by David and Edie Wallace where David was the school’s superintendent.

Pastor Culwell had wanted to establish a Christian school at his church, even before he received his call to serve in Scotts Valley. In 1956, while a student at Chico State, he was influenced by a strong advocate of Christian schooling named Harold Westcott. He made a decision at that time to establish a Christian school wherever God would call him as pastor.

In April of 1967 Glennon preached a sermon regarding the merits of a Christian school education. In his sermon he said, “We must have a Christian school by next school year”. This message was also delivered to the greater Santa Cruz community on Glennon’s regular weekly broadcast on KSCO radio. A group of parents from the church and the community began to meet to plan the new school. Glennon shared with me that they had no idea how to start a school; he just knew it was God’s direction. David Wallace came to Glennon’s mind as he had met with him prior to enrolling his daughter at Valley Christian. The school committee asked David and Edie Wallace to meet with them to provide advice about starting a school. In one of those meetings they asked David if he would serve as the school’s superintendent. He immediately said he would and was hired. Later that month the school board chose the name Baymonte. The school filed for incorporation with the State of California in July of 1968.

The school was not established without controversy. Three families from the First Baptist Church told Pastor Culwell they would leave the church if he opened a school. All three families did leave the church; two of them returned later and enrolled their children at Baymonte.

Linda Cantrall, who has since retired from Baymonte, was the first teacher hired by Mr. Wallace. A graduate of UC Berkeley, she interviewed for the position with Mr. Wallace in his office at Valley Christian School. In September of 1968 the school was opened with 85 students enrolled in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Baymonte’s early growth was rapid. The school used classroom facilities at First Baptist and then leased additional space at Shaw Hall, adjacent to the church property. By the start of the second school year in 1969 there were 233 students; new families were enrolling each month. Soon high school and preschool departments were added to the school.

I asked Glennon what he felt about the need for Christian schools today as opposed to the time when the school was founded. He replied that there is no comparison and the need today is much greater. He reminded me that he had written a book on the subject entitled Death Goes to School. Glennon said the major difference is the loss of Christian influence in our culture today and the lack of prayer in the public schools. He underscored that our school was established at a time when school standards were beginning to erode and the difference between then and now is like darkness and light.

Pastor Culwell offered the following advice for parents today: “Always remember that education is the responsibility of the parents. The school’s responsibility is delegated”.

If a Christian school or home school is an impossible alternative, the responsibility is still the parents. He added that parents should scrutinize their student’s curriculum. His strong admonition is that “Christian principles and moral standards must be provided by parents. Parents cannot abdicate the responsibility of education regardless of the school”.

Praise God for his servant, Pastor Glennon Culwell. Our school is a testimony to his vision, faith, and action.


Tech Trek Friday Fun

Students and staff had a blast Friday getting into the Tech Trek spirit. Mrs. Fernald organized a staff game of “9 Square in the Air”. Students enthusiastically cheered on their teachers during this fun lunchtime activity.


Baymonte Welcomes New Fifth Grade Teacher

Kathy Rea received her bachelor’s degree in education from Bethany College in Scotts Valley and her Teaching Credential from National University in Fresno. She has taught for more than 30 years at all elementary levels. She loves to integrate a Christian worldview and personal faith into academic studies.

Kathy’s interest outside the classroom include listening to music, researching current events and spending time with her family. Her three grandsons play basketball and water polo, so a lot of family time is spent cheering from the court or deck.

Her family is the light of her life. She has been married to her husband, Casey, for 37 years. They have two daughters and 3 grandsons.


Amy Bootz Joins Our Middle School Teaching Staff

Amy Bootz earned her BA in Speech Communication and her CA Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Since her college days, Amy has worked in a number or positions that align with her deep passion: teaching kids while helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

After hitting the trails as a Naturalist at Mount Hermon, she taught for 6 years at San Jose Christian Middle School. From there, Amy was led to work in a local church, where she directed the children’s ministry for the past 8 years. This year Amy is thrilled to jump back into the classroom to teach Middle School Spanish, Drama and 6th grade Science Lab.

Amy and her college sweetheart, Josh, have two energetic, adventurous boys, Eli and Brenden and a Golden Retriever named Belle. Amy loves long chats over coffee, running in Henry Cowell with Belle and exploring the incredible outdoors in all kinds of crazy ways with her family.


Science Teacher Joins Middle School Staff

Jeremae Reyes received her BA from Long Beach State University and her teacher education coursework at Biola University. She will be joining our staff as the new middle school Science teacher. She was born and raised in Long Beach and although an only child she has a God given passion for teaching children. She has experience as YMCA youth leader, a substitute teacher in the Long Beach Unified School district, and has taught robotics in Compton Public Schools.

She loves going to Disneyland and drinking coffee but top of her list is her love for God. She loves to sing and was on her home church worship team. Moving to Scotts Valley will be a big change for this Southern California native but she is excited to meet our students and start a new adventure here at Baymonte Christian School.