Valentine’s Day Sports Movie Night Fundraiser

Patrice Fernald, Baymonte’s elementary P.E. Teacher hosted a Valentine’s Day Sports Movie Night Fundraiser last week. Parents were encouraged to have a “date night” after dropping their child off at the event. Kindergarten – fifth graders  enjoyed snacks, a movie, raffle and fun with friends!


Proceeds from the fun-filled Valentine’s Day Sports Movie Night event funded:

-Middle school playground equipment (jump ropes, soccer balls and new basketball nets/chains

-Sports equipment and backpacks for our seventh graders to take to Rancho de Sus Ninos on their mission trip in May (photos below of our fifth graders packing sports equipment into the backpacks)

-A second basketball hoop for lower elementary

-Cones for fun games for the elementary P.E. department



Thank you Mrs. Fernald for coordinating this fun event!!


Water Bottle Stickers

Baymonte has custom designed stickers for your hydro flask water bottles! These new stickers were designed by Baymonte alum Mady McNeil who is now studying Graphic Design at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Bring a friend next Monday, November 19 to Bring A Friend To School Day and receive your choice of water bottle stickers! For more information about Bring A Friend To School Day click here.


Bring A Friend To School Day

Bring A Friend To School Day

Monday, November 19, 2018

8:00am – 1:15pm


Baymonte Christian School is hosting “Bring A Friend To School Day” on Monday, November 19, 2018. This is a day for kindergarten – 7th grade students to experience BCS for a school day and meet our students, teachers and staff. If they have a friend at Baymonte we will pair them up for the day, otherwise we will connect them with a student in their current grade. A complimentary lunch will be provided for both student and their friend. Both will take home a BCS Swag Bag as a thank you gift.

Current students are encouraged to invite a friend from a sports team, church, or neighborhood to spend a day at school. The online consent form is due November 16 and can be found here. If you have additional questions please email admissions@baymonte.org or call the Baymonte office.

Students will check-in and meet their Baymonte buddy at tables set up near the Chapel. Baymonte is hosting a coffee social for all new families in the courtyard from 7:30am – 9:00am. Please come by and enjoy coffee and a treat.

Check-in: 7:45am (middle school)

8:00am (4th & 5th grades)

8:15am (K – 3rd grades)

Pick-up: 12:20pm (K – 2nd grades)

12:45pm (3rd – 5th grades)

1:15 (middle school)


Baymonte Spirit Day

Baymonte’s Spirit Day was a hit! Elementary students celebrated Crazy Hair Day while middle school students dressed as a character from a book or movie.





Operation Christmas Child Kicks Off This Week at Baymonte

Operation Christmas Child Kicks Off This Week at Baymonte

Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan’s Purse, which organizes the collection and distribution of shoebox gifts to children all over the world! OCC is kicking off in the classrooms at Baymonte this week! Look for an email from your child’s teacher or information coming home in their Friday folder this week. To see OCC in action, watch this video.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get boxes?

Families can purchase plastic boxes at stores such as Dollar Tree, Kmart or other stores. OCC cardboard boxes are also available in the school office or in Mrs. Hazen’s classroom. Middle school students can get boxes from Mr. Rozeboom as well.

Can families donate additional boxes?

Yes, families can donate additional complete boxes. Turn them in to your child’s classroom or the school office.

What do I pack in a box?

A full list of items to pack and what not to pack are listed on the OCC brochure coming home with your student in Friday folders.

How much is shipping for each box?

Shipping for each box is $9.00. Please be sure to include the shipping cost by either turning it in with your box or paying for it online. By making your shipping donation online, you can Follow Your Box and see where your shoebox ends up. To find out more about Follow Your Box click here.

Where can I find a label for my box?

Labels can be cut out of the OCC brochure coming home with your student in Friday folders. The school office also has additional labels.

When are boxes due at Baymonte?

All additional boxes are due to Baymonte on Wednesday, November 7. 

When is Baymonte praying over the boxes?

As a school we will pray over the boxes on Tuesday, November 13 at 9:00am on the elementary blacktop. All families are welcome to join us in prayer.


Tech Trek Fun Day Party

The Tech Trek festivities continued Thursday at Mrs. Fernald’s Fun Day Party with Miss Bliss’s class! Miss Bliss’s Fifth Grade Class won the party with the highest sponsorship donations. Congratulations! They celebrated at the Fun Day Party by walking to Starbuck’s, enjoying a treat together and tossing water balloons on Baymonte’s field.

Thank you, Mrs. Fernald, for throwing a great party!

Check back tomorrow for Tech Trek race results and photos from the event!


Today’s Tech Trek All School Pig Races Were a Success!

Today’s Tech Trek All School Pig Races were a success!

Congratulations to the following Tech Trek Pig Race winners!

$200 Sponsorship Level – Classic Pig Race

1st Place – $100: Coral Reeves
2nd Place – $50: Reid Hazen
3rd Place – $25: Dane Paquette
4th Place – $10: Liana Roberts
5th Place – $10: Miranda Docter
6th Place – $10: Eli Keift
7th Place – $10: Clark Jan

$300 Sponsorship Level – Supersized Pig Race

1st Place – $200: Nicholas Margiotta
2nd Place – $100: Nicholas Gehrke
3rd Place – $50: Mikayla David
4th Place – $20: Rocco Florio
5th Place – $20: Aidan Priapi
6th Place – $20: Luke Hollingsworth
7th Place – $20: Reid Hazen

Congratulations to the following Tech Trek Incentive Winners!

Top Earners
1st Place – Eli Keift, $1450 which allowed him to spin the Wheel of Fortune: Winning $10
2nd Place – Jaxton Hanson, $665
3rd Place – Mikayla David, $600

Class Winner for Most Sponsorship – Miss Bliss [5B], $3615


October’s Character Trait Is “Thoroughness”


Each month at Baymonte Christian School we highlight a positive character trait with a corresponding Bible verse. October’s character trait is Thoroughness which means great care and attention to detail.

“A wise man will hear and increase in learning.” 

                                                                        Proverbs 1:5


One way to be thorough is to be a good listener. Rick Warren, a pastor, author and founder of Saddleback Church gives tips to becoming a good listener in his article below. 


Tips to becoming a good listener by Rick Warren 

Listening is a skill. It’s developed through practice, desire, attention, and by simply wanting to become a good listener. Here are four tips to becoming a better listener.

  1. Withhold judgment and criticism from the start.

Don’t evaluate until you’ve heard and comprehended it all. You need to hear the person out.

  1. Keep calm.

Don’t become defensive. Proverbs 19:11 (NIV) says, “A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense.” If you’re patient, you’re wise. You need to keep calm.

  1. Be an active listener.

You become a good listener by asking creative questions. Proverbs 20:5 says, “The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.” This verse says the real meaning of people is down inside of them. A man of understanding will be able to draw others out with questions. How do you do that? Ask clarifying questions, such as: Who? What? When? How? Questions like that will draw out those you are listening to and let them know you have their attention.

  1. Paraphrase and summarize.

To be a good listener you must be able to tell a person what they’ve just told you before you talk about what you need to talk about. Before you share your side of the story, you need to let the other person know you understand where he or she is coming from. Paraphrase what they’ve said back to them.

Try one of these tips this week and enjoy the benefits of being thorough!


Tech Trek Fun Day Party


Tech Trek Fun Day Party

What a great time it was with Miss Bliss’s 5th graders at the Fun Day Party making ice cream sundaes, having station games with oversized UNO cards, winning raffle prizes (everyone won a prize) and ending with a water balloon toss out on the field. Such fun for all!

Congratulations Miss Bliss’s class for having the most sign ups for the Tech Trek!
~Patrice Fernald
Tech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day PartyTech Trek Fun Day Party

5 Ways to be Selfless

Each month at Baymonte Christian School we highlight a positive character trait with a corresponding Bible verse. September’s character trait is Selflessness.

“Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4

5 Ways to be Selfless

It’s easy to get so absorbed in your own life that you lose track of what’s important. Becoming more selfless could change the way you see yourself and the world. Jesus said it is the second most important of all God’s commandments: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”. Mark 12:31. If you’re interested in doing more for others, try these 5 ways of being selfless.

  1. Volunteer Your Time and Talents

Find volunteer opportunities in your community that match your talents. At BCS we have many volunteer opportunities. Our upcoming Tech Trek event takes many volunteers to be a successful event. If you’re available to give an hour or more of your time the week before or day of the event, please let us know! A list of needs is coming in an email soon.

  1. Foster Empathy to Understand Others Better

Empathy is the ability for one person to understand how another person feels. You can increase your empathy by paying closer attention to the experiences of others. A way we foster empathy at BCS is by taking our seventh grade students on a mission’s trip to Rancho de Sus Ninos. Rancho is an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico. The children at the orphanage have been taken from unsafe homes and live at Rancho with loving house parents. We take our students into the community to see how others live in poorer parts of Mexico. By bringing our students into these areas, where kids are without loving biological parents and/or living in poverty, we hope to instill a sense of empathy for others. Last year our eighth graders went to Houston to help with the hurricane relief efforts as well.

  1. Make Giving a Daily Act

To become truly selfless, you can integrate giving into your daily life. Big gestures that you only do once or twice a year are great. Everyone appreciates those acts. But, daily giving takes you to a higher level of selflessness. Daily acts of giving could include helping a lost person find directions, giving someone a cold bottle of water on a hot day, or offering smiles to random people on the street. Another way to give is to make a meal for a family who may be going through a transitional time (welcoming home a new baby, healing from a surgery, grieving a death, etc.). At BCS our Family Cares Committee makes meals for families. If you need a meal or would like to be part of the committee to provide a meal you may sign up here.

  1. Know How to Receive as Well as Give

Learning how to accept help when someone offers it is a form of selflessness. Give other people opportunities to develop selflessness by accepting gifts graciously.

  1. Donate

Choosing to give is an act of selflessness that benefits the entire community. Look for charities that you have an interest in. It’s the sacrifice that makes your giving selfless, not the size of your contribution.