Operation Christmas Child Kicks Off This Week at Baymonte

Operation Christmas Child Kicks Off This Week at Baymonte

Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan’s Purse, which organizes the collection and distribution of shoebox gifts to children all over the world! OCC is kicking off in the classrooms at Baymonte this week! Look for an email from your child’s teacher or information coming home in their Friday folder this week. To see OCC in action, watch this video.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get boxes?

Families can purchase plastic boxes at stores such as Dollar Tree, Kmart or other stores. OCC cardboard boxes are also available in the school office or in Mrs. Hazen’s classroom. Middle school students can get boxes from Mr. Rozeboom as well.

Can families donate additional boxes?

Yes, families can donate additional complete boxes. Turn them in to your child’s classroom or the school office.

What do I pack in a box?

A full list of items to pack and what not to pack are listed on the OCC brochure coming home with your student in Friday folders.

How much is shipping for each box?

Shipping for each box is $9.00. Please be sure to include the shipping cost by either turning it in with your box or paying for it online. By making your shipping donation online, you can Follow Your Box and see where your shoebox ends up. To find out more about Follow Your Box click here.

Where can I find a label for my box?

Labels can be cut out of the OCC brochure coming home with your student in Friday folders. The school office also has additional labels.

When are boxes due at Baymonte?

All additional boxes are due to Baymonte on Wednesday, November 7. 

When is Baymonte praying over the boxes?

As a school we will pray over the boxes on Tuesday, November 13 at 9:00am on the elementary blacktop. All families are welcome to join us in prayer.


The Ninth Annual Tech Trek Was a Huge Success!

The ninth annual Tech Trek was a huge success! The day started before sunrise as a large team of volunteers and staff prayed for the day. They generously gave their time and enthusiastic energy to set up the race courses, beautiful raffle with over 45 items, and Harvest Festival with booths, food, and fun activities.

Special guests, Santa Cruz Warriors Mav’Riks and Scotts Valley Togo’s mascot, helped Baymonte Middle School PE Teacher Kristi Trefethen with the pre-race warm-ups. A record number of registered runners (367) participated in the Tot Trot, 1K, and 5K races. Special running guests included Togo’s Cup Man and UCSC’s Cross Country Team. UCSC team member, Robert Udell, won first place in the 5K and set a new record for the Tech Trek with a time of 15 minutes, 41 seconds. A complete list of 5K race results can be seen here. A complete list of 1K race results can be seen here.

The event was a financial success bringing in over $54,000 (plus day of proceeds) for Baymonte’s Technology and Arts programs. The event showed the heart of Baymonte as so many people came together and blessed each other, our families and our community with a fun, healthy, joy-filled morning. Thank you to all who participated. We look forward to next year’s 10th annual Tech Trek!


Tech Trek Fun Day Party

The Tech Trek festivities continued Thursday at Mrs. Fernald’s Fun Day Party with Miss Bliss’s class! Miss Bliss’s Fifth Grade Class won the party with the highest sponsorship donations. Congratulations! They celebrated at the Fun Day Party by walking to Starbuck’s, enjoying a treat together and tossing water balloons on Baymonte’s field.

Thank you, Mrs. Fernald, for throwing a great party!

Check back tomorrow for Tech Trek race results and photos from the event!


Today’s Tech Trek All School Pig Races Were a Success!

Today’s Tech Trek All School Pig Races were a success!

Congratulations to the following Tech Trek Pig Race winners!

$200 Sponsorship Level – Classic Pig Race

1st Place – $100: Coral Reeves
2nd Place – $50: Reid Hazen
3rd Place – $25: Dane Paquette
4th Place – $10: Liana Roberts
5th Place – $10: Miranda Docter
6th Place – $10: Eli Keift
7th Place – $10: Clark Jan

$300 Sponsorship Level – Supersized Pig Race

1st Place – $200: Nicholas Margiotta
2nd Place – $100: Nicholas Gehrke
3rd Place – $50: Mikayla David
4th Place – $20: Rocco Florio
5th Place – $20: Aidan Priapi
6th Place – $20: Luke Hollingsworth
7th Place – $20: Reid Hazen

Congratulations to the following Tech Trek Incentive Winners!

Top Earners
1st Place – Eli Keift, $1450 which allowed him to spin the Wheel of Fortune: Winning $10
2nd Place – Jaxton Hanson, $665
3rd Place – Mikayla David, $600

Class Winner for Most Sponsorship – Miss Bliss [5B], $3615


Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Baymonte!


Access the Online Book Fair here.


Volunteers Needed At The Tech Trek!

Volunteers Needed At The Tech Trek!

The ninth annual Baymonte Tech Trek fundraiser will be on Saturday, October 13, 2018. It takes many volunteers to make this event a success. If you are available to help in the week prior to the event or the morning of the event you may sign up here.

For more information on the Tech Trek event visit our Tech Trek webpage here. Thank you for your support!


Prevent the Summer Slide

Attention Parents: 

Even though school is almost over, it’s not too late to help your child become a better reader. Summer is an important time for students to keep reading and improving their language skills. Help prevent the Summer Slide before the new school year begins next fall.


Here are 10 facts about the importance of reading during the summer:


ALL young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. Research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer. 1

READING is the most important subject in school. Why? Because a child needs reading in order to master most of the other subjects. It’s extremely difficult to do word problems in math if you can’t read the words. How can you answer the questions in social studies or science if you can’t read and understand the textbook? 2

LEARNING or reading skill losses during the summer months are cumulative, creating a wider gap each year between more proficient and less proficient students. By the time a struggling reader reaches middle school, summer reading loss has accumulated to a two– year lag in reading achievement. 3

REGARDLESS of ethnicity, socioeconomic level, or previous achievement, children who read four or more books over the summer fare better on reading-comprehension tests in the fall than their peers who read one or no books over the summer. 4

TEACHERS typically spend between 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching material students have forgotten over the summer. 5

IT is estimated that the “Summer Slide” accounts for as much as 85% of the reading achievement gap between lower income students and their middle- and upper-income peers. 6

READINGas a leisure activity is the best predictor of comprehension, vocabulary and reading speed. 7

3RD graders who can’t read on grade level are four times less likely to graduate by age 18 than a proficient reader. 8

HAVING reading role-model parents or a large book collection at home has a greater impact on kids’ reading frequency than does household income. 9

AN overwhelming 92% of kids say they are more likely to finish a book they picked out themselves. 9


So now that you know why summer reading is so important, what are some ways you can encourage your child to read? 

    • Visit your local library or bookstore – often. Having access to as many books and reading materials as possible ensures that your child will always have something to read.
    • Make sure your child participates in a summer reading program (such as those offered by the Santa Cruz Public Libraries or the Baymonte School Library). Summer reading programs offer incentives and a variety of fun activities that promote reading and learning.
    • Have your child record their books so they can keep track of their progress.
    • Read aloud. Children of all ages love read alouds and it is a great way to spend time together.
    • Be a good example. It’s hard to encourage your children to read if you’re not reading yourself.
    • Check out or subscribe to kids magazines (Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic Kids, etc.).
    • Read about your vacation destination before you go.
    • Read about something you want to do together (hiking, planting a garden, working on motorcycles).
    • Turn off the TV and substitute one half hour of reading. Make reading a family event by having 15-30 minutes of family reading time every day.
    • Print is everywhere. Read cereal boxes, newspapers, comics, magazines, books, ebooks, street signs, etc.
    • Carve out time for reading, even when your schedule is packed. This will show your child that it is a priority.
    • Listen to an audiobook while reading along in print.
    • Always include books in your bags whenever you go somewhere, for your kids and for yourself. Reading is a great activity to beat boredom or fill in downtime.  
    • Encourage social reading. If your child wants to read a book because other kids are reading it (and you don’t have personal reasons why you think your child isn’t ready for the book), by all means get a copy. You could even create a Book Club for your child and their friends.
    • Check out a few book lists for students to get new ideas.             
    • ALSC Summer Reading Lists
    • Scholastic Summer Reading Lists
    • Common Sense Media Summer Reading List





1. White, 1906; Heyns, 1978; Entwisle & Alexander 1992; Cooper, 1996; Downey et al, 2004.

2. Ten facts  parents should know about summer reading: Jim Trelease.

3. Summer Reading and the Ethnic Achievement Gap, Jimmy Kim, Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 2004

4. Ameliorating summer reading setback among economically disadvantaged elementary students, Richard Allington, April 2007

5. Lasting Consequences of the Summer Learning Gap, Karl Alexander, Doris Entwistle, Linda Steffel Olson, April 2007

6. Why Summer Matters in the Rich/Poor Achievement Gap, Richard Allington and Anne McGill-Frazen, August 2009

7. The Power of Reading, Stephen Krashen, Libraries Unlimited., 1993

8. Annie E. Casey Foundation, Hernandez, Donald J., 2011

9. The Kids and Family Reading Report™ 4th edition conducted by Harrison Group and Scholastic, 2012.




Baymonte 4/5 Band Rated “Excellent” at CMEA Festival 

Baymonte 4th and 5th grade band students performed at the the California Music Educators Association (CMEA) Festival held at Santa Cruz High School. The band performed for a panel of three professional adjudicators and music directors, and received a unanimous rating of “Excellent”. Afterward, they received a clinic workshop which focused on strengths and suggestions for improvement.

Overall, God blessed us all with a great experience, and a fun way for our Baymonte music students to perform out in the community along with other bands from all over the California Central Coast. A huge thank you to the students for their hard work and a special thanks to the parents for their support and generous help with the event.


Jason Braun, Baymonte Music Director


Baymonte Celebrates 50 Years with the Golden Gala

Baymonte’s Golden Gala last Friday not only beautifully celebrated our 50th year but also far surpassed our fundraising goal. We raised $172,000 for campus renewal projects, making this the most successful fundraiser in the history of the school!

A special thank you goes to our lead sponsors, GateWay Bible Church, Whitings Foods and Morgan Stanley – Erik Hanson, in addition to the many businesses and individuals who generously supported the event. Rod Caborn, our very lively auctioneer kept guests engaged while they enjoyed wine provided by Stockwell Cellars and Bruzzone Family Vineyards, as well as crafted appetizers, at the Scotts Valley Hilton. A photo booth and live music by the Mike Hadley Band provided a memorable night for all.

We are appreciative of our many volunteers and generous donors who contributed their time and money to this spectacular event.

This event was made possible by the power team comprised of Rod Caborn, Gretchen Cortes, Jeremy Geels, Pam Hanson, Janelle Mace, Michelle McDaniel, Teresa Olsen, Mandy Sackett and Steve Patterson.

Enjoy the photos of the evening taken by Patrice Fernald.

View the Photo booth gallery:


Experience a School Day at BCS

Baymonte Christian School is hosting our “Bring A Friend To School Day” on Friday, March 16th for students currently in K – 7th grade. Become a BCS student for a day and meet our students, teachers and staff. If they have a friend at Baymonte we will pair them up for the day, otherwise we will connect them with a buddy in their current grade. Complimentary lunch included. Also, take home a BCS Swag Bag as a thank you for visiting us.

Current students are encouraged to invite a friend from a sports team, church, or neighborhood to spend a day at school. A complimentary lunch will be provided for you and your buddy.

To have your child participate in this special “Bring A Friend To School Day”, please complete the online consent form by Monday, March 12th. If you have additional questions please email or call the Baymonte Office.