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Baymonte Parents:

It was an absolute honor and pleasure to photograph your children last week. We were so blessed to have had, yet again this year, a break in the incessant rain! I need to mention that this was such a wonderful team effort with the most incredible group of assistants at my disposal to help me with every step of the process. A HUGE thank you to all of them.

Individually photographing 300+ children and 30 staff/faculty in the span of three days is no small task, especially when my approach is to spend a couple minutes personally connecting with each child and engaging them in such a way as to hopefully elicit some real and genuine smiles. Your children were absolutely fantastic and I particularly enjoyed seeing how much they had grown and changed since last year! I’d like you all to know that I personally edit and post process each and every image myself in order to ensure that it will meet my quality standards. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me directly.

Your child(ren’s) images can be viewed at the link provided below. Each class has its own private, password protected gallery. The password for the respective galleries is your child’s teacher’s last name.

There are two options for ordering. You may either order directly from the website for A La Carte purchasing. The online system is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The images will be mailed directly to your door and promptly shipped out the very next day (S&H is extra). This allows you to order exactly the size and quantity you desire with a very quick turnaround and boutique packaging & delivery right to your home.

The second option is Packages. I will be placing a once-weekly order with my high end professional lab (the same lab that is used for the online ordering system so the quality for both is the same) for all the orders I will have received that given week. This option gives you the ability to save a little money with preset packages but you will have to wait about a week to receive your packages which I will personally deliver to Baymonte and notify you when they are ready for pick up in the front office. See attached form for placing package orders. This separate form must be turned to the front office along with a check in the desired amount, made out to Pascale Wowak. The sooner the form is turned in, the sooner I can place your order!

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to continue to do the Spring photos for Baymonte, a school I am particularly fond of since my children have been here for several years now and it’s become a family to us. I want to extend a big thank you to the entire staff and all the parents of Baymonte Christian School and wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER!

Pascale Wowak

*email: pascale.w@sbcglobal.net

ZENFOLIO GALLERY LINK:     http://pascalewowak.zenfolio.com

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