This year at Baymonte Christian School we are highlighting alumni – past students who’ve attended Baymonte, many preschool through eighth grade! Today we are highlighting Jennifer (Patterson) Kramer. Here’s what she had to say about her time at Baymonte:

I enjoyed many things about being a student at Baymonte. I enjoyed going through my classes with many familiar faces and being a part of such a close community. I also enjoyed the teachers and the way they went above and beyond for their students. They worked hard each day to give us a wonderful education without missing out on the extra things that make a school year special.

I have many highlights from my time at Baymonte, but the one that is the dearest to my heart was my kindergarten feast. As a kindergarten teacher now, I can’t imagine all of the work it took to create and plan which makes it all the more special. I remember each child dressing up and going through different activities that had to do with life hundreds of years ago. We also participated in things like beading necklaces, washing berries, making pies and finally going on a buffalo hunt (full of hot dogs). This is just one of the many events the teachers would put on for their students to create a magical school experience.

Baymonte prepared me for high school by giving me a strong educational foundation. As I moved into my career as a teacher, I felt set having the example of my teachers growing up. The staff at Baymonte consistently goes above and beyond for their students. They work hard to provide a stellar education without sacrificing any of the fun, which is what I strive to do in my own classroom today.


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