This year at Baymonte Christian School we are highlighting alumni – past students who’ve attended Baymonte, many preschool through eighth grade! Today we are highlighting Nathan McKim. Here’s what he had to say about his time at Baymonte:

Being a student at Baymonte was a great experience. I learned how to learn at the instruction of teacher legends like Mrs. Jones, Mr. Patterson, and Ms. Struvey to name just a few. It was also a great place to grow up with a great community of friends. Many of us still keep in touch today.

It’s tough to pick out a favorite highlight from those years…there were so many great times. Playing at the local jazz festivals, hearing so many great messages at our chapels, and participating in the various sports teams were all great experiences. But the single greatest highlight from my time at Baymonte happened after my time there as a student. While attending San Jose State University I worked in the after-school care program. During that time, I met my wife whose softball team (from Bethany) was practicing on Baymonte’s field. The rest is history.

While at Baymonte I discovered my love of aviation. I took advantage of every science project or writing assignment possible to pursue that interest. It was the commitment to learning about my passion that motivated me to pursue aviation in the Air Force and in industry. These days I make a living playing with airplanes on a daily basis at the Boeing company, and in my free time I love to paraglide in the local mountains…things I dreamed about as a student back in Scotts Valley.


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