The faculty review and update curriculum on an ongoing basis.  Baymonte follows the State of California Educational Framework for the primary content of the subjects we address.  Each classroom teacher integrates Christian values into his or her lessons.


Reading Harcourt Brace 1-2/Scott Foresman/Selected   novels

Bible (K) Discipleland
(1-4) Deeper Roots
(6-8) Positive Action
Math (K-5) Sadlier-Oxford/Prentice Hall
(6-8) Jump Math/Glencoe
Science (K-5) Harcourt Brace Jovanovich/Prentice Hall
(6-8) Prentice Hall
Grammar/Writing Sadlier-Oxford/ Step Up to Writing
Spelling/Handwriting Zaner-Bloser
Social Studies Scott Foresman/Houghton Mifflin/Glencoe
Reading (K-5) McGraw Hill
(6-8) Harcourt Brace 1-2/Scott Foresman/Selected novels

Physical Education:

All elementary students receive P.E. instruction from a P.E. specialist twice a week.  On remaining days the classroom teacher instructs from the lesson plans our P.E. specialist has developed for the week. Baymonte participates in extracurricular sports with other Christian schools in the Bay Area Christian Schools Athletic League.


Each elementary class receives music instruction two times per week, students receive vocal instruction and are taught to read music.  Fifth grade students may also elect to have instrumental instruction.  Middle School students may participate in Band as an elective.


Each classroom has one or more computers and each student has weekly time in the Library Media Center where they receive instruction in library usage and media research skills.  They will also receive hands-on computer/technology instruction.  Middle School students also have access to the Media Center computer lab and may take various computer courses as electives.

Foreign Language:

All Middle School students receive Spanish instruction approximately two times per week (it alternates with Physical Education).

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