Kindergarten Information Event

Please join us at our upcoming Kindergarten Information Event on Sunday, January 13 from 2:00 – 3:30pm. At this event both kindergarten teachers and our school principal will present topics including kindergarten readiness, daily schedules, curriculum, field trips, before and after school care and parent involvement. We will have a question and answer time as well as tour the campus and the kindergarten classrooms. If you attend this event and enroll your child by January 25, you will receive a 10% tuition discount.

We would like an RSVP for childcare purposes. Mrs. Handley and Mrs. Patterson will be available at our Granite Creek preschool to play with your children as you attend the presentation portion of the event. Afterwards, we will gather our children and visit the kindergarten classrooms together.

You may RSVP for Kindergarten Information Event here. I look forward to receiving your RSVP.

Download a flyer to share with friends and family here.


Did you know? by Rachel Hofmann

Did you know that one of our current eighth graders qualified for the junior olympics, that another is an elite baseball player, that another loves to fish and that several participate in CYT? I consider myself very blessed to teach at school with so many talented and passionate students. My favorite aspect of teaching middle school is helping kids discover new interests and grow in areas of giftedness.

In the 10 years I’ve been at Baymonte, I’ve been especially thankful for the ways our parents and school community have provided support for kids who are passionate about science, technology, and mathematics. PTF and Tech Trek funds have provided robotics and rocketry supplies, sophisticated equipment for science fair projects, online learning opportunities, and an endless supply of expo markers…all tools that help unleash kids’ potential and creativity.

This year, I have especially enjoyed the opportunity to build robots with some very enthusiastic 5th graders. Josh Wright, a former Baymonte student now at Scotts Valley High School, has been leading a robotics club on Wednesdays after school. It’s been a pleasure watching the students design, build, and program their robots. Right now, several students are working on a giant claw-hand, and are also working hard to make their robot talk and sing as it performs its work. I can’t wait to see the final products!



Bring A Friend To School Day at Baymonte Christian School

All had fun at yesterday’s Bring A Friend To School Day! Twenty-three students, in kindergarten through eighth grade, from schools in our community visited Baymonte for the morning. They joined their Baymonte friends for a morning in class, ate a complimentary lunch from Jia Tellas and competed in donut races on the grass with Mrs. Fernald. Baymonte students enjoyed their special guests!




Fabulous In Fifth

by Kendra Morrison, Baymonte’s 5A Teacher

As a teacher, I have been in the presence of future greatness. In my nine years of teaching, I have come alongside future explorers, inventors, doctors and teachers. I would not be surprised if that one kindergartener I had in 2010 will someday become a Senator. That little girl who loved science may become a researcher and find a cure for cancer. The boy I taught, who drew rockets and blasted out of his seat every day, may one day venture to Mars.

Only God knows what each student will become, but as their teacher, it is thrilling to watch Him design, inspire and mold them, “to equip them for every good work.” What an incredible privilege, and joy to watch young people grow, and discover more about Jesus Christ every day!

I knew someday I would become a teacher, yet chose to spend 15 years in publishing, design, marketing and full-time ministry before returning to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Teaching. God continually utilizes these previous skills and experiences to inform my teaching. I enjoy assisting students to become better writers and dive into great literature. My favorite time each day is when we open our Bibles and learn more about God together. What an incredible gift it is to have the freedom to worship, pray and grow in our faith together!

My world outside of school is equally full. I am a local artist and member of the 17th Avenue Studios community, where over 30 artists work and exhibit regularly. I participate in the county-wide Open Studios and have had the opportunity to have work on display at the Art and History Museum. My work is currently on display at the Santa Cruz County Government Center.

Best of all, I have been blessed to share life with my husband, Dave, and our two teenage boys, Gabriel and Benjamin. My family is the most precious blessing of all!



Baymonte Packs 345 Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

Baymonte families continue to support Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way by packing gift-filled shoeboxes for needy children around the world.

Students, staff and parents joined together this morning to pray over the 345 shoeboxes before sending them to the relay center in Santa Cruz. Mrs. Hazen led the prayer over the shoeboxes asking for God’s blessing over the transportation process and the children who will receive these gifts. Thank you for generously donating, and we encourage you to continue to pray for these gifts to impact lives for Christ!




Baymonte Participates in BASCAL Cross Country Meet

Baymonte Christian School’s Cross Country Team and Running Club participated in the Bay Area Schools Christian Athletic League Cross Country Meet. All ten Baymonte runners completed the 1.5 mile challenging course. A total of fourteen Bay Area schools participated in the event. A Baymonte student placed 5th for male runners out of 130 male runners and received an individual medal. Another BCS student placed in the top 20 boys. Congratulations Baymonte runners!



Bring A Friend To School Day

Bring A Friend To School Day

Monday, November 19, 2018

8:00am – 1:15pm


Baymonte Christian School is hosting “Bring A Friend To School Day” on Monday, November 19, 2018. This is a day for kindergarten – 7th grade students to experience BCS for a school day and meet our students, teachers and staff. If they have a friend at Baymonte we will pair them up for the day, otherwise we will connect them with a student in their current grade. A complimentary lunch will be provided for both student and their friend. Both will take home a BCS Swag Bag as a thank you gift.

Current students are encouraged to invite a friend from a sports team, church, or neighborhood to spend a day at school. The online consent form is due November 16 and can be found here. If you have additional questions please email admissions@baymonte.org or call the Baymonte office.

Students will check-in and meet their Baymonte buddy at tables set up near the Chapel. Baymonte is hosting a coffee social for all new families in the courtyard from 7:30am – 9:00am. Please come by and enjoy coffee and a treat.

Check-in: 7:45am (middle school)

8:00am (4th & 5th grades)

8:15am (K – 3rd grades)

Pick-up: 12:20pm (K – 2nd grades)

12:45pm (3rd – 5th grades)

1:15 (middle school)


Miss Reyes Loves Teaching Science with a Christian Perspective

As a middle school science teacher at Baymonte Christian School, I constantly am asked the question, “How do you teach science with a Christian perspective?” I enjoy answering this question because it opens the door to conversations about God. I love teaching science with a Christian perspective for two reasons. First, science teaches us to search for truth, just as Paul commends the Bereans for examining the scriptures to see if what Paul was preaching about was true. Secondly, there are limitations in explaining why something happens; sometimes we need to accept a fact with faith. In my class, we do various things that help us learn our topic. I use Cornell notes, hands-on labs and projects, along with various assessments which include tests, quizzes and final projects. My favorite topics to teach are the sixth-grade plate tectonics unit and the seventh-grade unit on origins. In this unit I love to compare God’s word with the scientific evidence.

The best part about teaching at Baymonte is the opportunity to develop close relationships with students. I want my students to know that I care for each of them. That may show in the form of attending their sports games, talking to them about their outside interests, providing additional help, or being available if they need someone to talk to. Academics are so important at this age, however, shaping their minds with truths of who they are and who they can be in Christ is much more important. I pray for my students every single day. I also pray that I am able to be a witness of who Christ is and show the same love, grace, and discipline that He showed.


Fun in Third Grade with Mrs. Hazen

Fun in Third Grade with Mrs. Hazen

I always tell my students at the start of the year, “If you work hard, we will have fun.”

Last week our class dissected owl pellets and they couldn’t have been more excited! We pushed all the desks together, handed out gloves and face masks (for fun photos) and each student got their own pellet to dissect. Hands on learning has always been the way I learn best and I love to teach this way in my class. I’ve also found that when I’m excited about the content I’m teaching, they get excited about it and they retain the information.


“Dr. Hazen” has always been one of my classroom highlights. In the spring time I do a unit on matter and before each science lesson I put on my lab coat and goggles while conducting some sort of fun experiment with my students. My students are excited for science to start for weeks.


Golden State Warriors Day last year was a big hit for my class. My family is a big Golden State fan so when finals came around I decide to have a Golden State Warriors Day in class. We read basketball stories and played basketball math by shooting cheese balls into paper cups. The kids loved it!


I’ve been teaching third grade at Baymonte for eleven years. I love eight-year olds and I understand them! I enjoy getting down to their level, explaining things, and making concepts real to them, in ways that they can understand. I can be silly, laugh and have fun but I can also be serious. In third grade I teach the life of Christ in our Bible curriculum. I LOVE teaching my students about Christ and watching them have ah-ha moments. I can say with complete confidence that God made me to teach third grade. He has given me the gifts and abilities to teach these young kiddos. God puts students in my class especially for me to teach, because I have something to offer them at this time in their life.


I’m a full-time mom, wife, and teacher; my days are busy but very rewarding. I’m thankful for my Baymonte family, the encouragement and love I get on a daily basis.

“Mrs. Hazen is a gifted teacher filled with passion, fun, enthusiasm, and deep love for her students and their families. She gives generously of her time and is dedicated to her students not only growing in their knowledge and academics, but their character as well. She works hard and is committed to making learning enjoyable, hands on, and relevant. Our family is so thankful for Mrs. Hazen’s constant encouragement, support, and life she brings to all she does.”



The Ninth Annual Tech Trek Was a Huge Success!

The ninth annual Tech Trek was a huge success! The day started before sunrise as a large team of volunteers and staff prayed for the day. They generously gave their time and enthusiastic energy to set up the race courses, beautiful raffle with over 45 items, and Harvest Festival with booths, food, and fun activities.

Special guests, Santa Cruz Warriors Mav’Riks and Scotts Valley Togo’s mascot, helped Baymonte Middle School PE Teacher Kristi Trefethen with the pre-race warm-ups. A record number of registered runners (367) participated in the Tot Trot, 1K, and 5K races. Special running guests included Togo’s Cup Man and UCSC’s Cross Country Team. UCSC team member, Robert Udell, won first place in the 5K and set a new record for the Tech Trek with a time of 15 minutes, 41 seconds. A complete list of 5K race results can be seen here. A complete list of 1K race results can be seen here.

The event was a financial success bringing in over $54,000 (plus day of proceeds) for Baymonte’s Technology and Arts programs. The event showed the heart of Baymonte as so many people came together and blessed each other, our families and our community with a fun, healthy, joy-filled morning. Thank you to all who participated. We look forward to next year’s 10th annual Tech Trek!