Today’s faculty highlight is Hope Docter, preschool teacher at Baymonte’s ECLC (Early Childhood Learning Center) Campus. Here’s what Hope had to say about teaching at Baymonte, her favorite unit of study for her preschoolers, and a little background about herself.

My favorite aspect of working at Baymonte Christian Preschool is the ability to freely use my knowledge of God in anything I do with students. I have worked in public schools in the past and had moments when I would have loved to share my love for God and His word, but was unable to.

My favorite “unit” do with the kids during the school year are the resurrection eggs. They are a simple, interactive, and age appropriate way to share the true meaning of Easter with the students. I think it may be their favorite too!

Having the opportunity to do Bible lessons with the students throughout the year is a highlight for me in my teaching year. I’m always trying new things to keep them excited and engaged to learn God’s Word.

I met my husband the summer before my 8th grade school year. We dated from that point up until a year or so into my time serving in the United States Army. We were married in 2004 which is also around the time I decided I enjoyed substitute teaching so much that I got a degree in elementary education. That path took a turn when we moved here to Scotts Valley in 2013. Shortly after that move I started working at ECLC. I love to be home and genuinely love spending time with my husband and kids! We love our family adventures, which are anything from hiking to exploring caves or new places we have never been.




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