I am so excited to have had the opportunity to organize and celebrate national S.T.E.M. Day for the entire school. S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. S.T.E.M. has always been a passion of mine ever since Middle School where I did similar activities done by our Baymonte students today! It’s amazing to see how creative children can be when given the opportunity to explore their imaginations and think about how their creations can help our society! Middle Schoolers have been preparing the entire week for their egg drop competition. I am very impressed with their work because the MAJORITY of the eggs did NOT break! How awesome is that!

The elementary school started in my classroom with various S.T.E.M. lab activities, then went to the middle school lunch tables for their class activity. Fourth grade and fifth grade made “Balloon Buggies”, which are balloon powered cars! The amazing part of the fourth and fifth grade activity was that they started with a photo and materials, and their challenge was to use what they know of the materials in front of them to create the car!

Second and third graders had trays of water, which represented the ocean, and oil, which represented an oil spill. Added to their mixture were feathers, which represented the birds that are affected by the oil spills. Second and third graders were challenged to collect all of the oil with leaving as much water in their trays as possible using various materials such as sponges, coffee filters, spoons, and paper towels. It was amazing to see their brains process strategies to collect the oil.

Kindergarten and first graders built jelly bean towers. Not only was it sweet and tasty, but it was AMAZING to observe the architectural minds of the younger kids in creating their jelly bean buildings that withstood an earthquake on a shake table. By God’s grace, this S.T.E.M. Day was successful and so fulfilling. I loved working and getting to know all of the kids in our entire school. Let’s keep encouraging S.T.E.M. activities in the lives of the kids, so that they can see how applicable the careers that branch out from S.T.E.M. can be in our everyday lives.


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