Parent Teacher Fellowship

PTF LOGO J-PEGPTF is a collective group of parents and teachers who share in fellowship as they serve the school community. PTF was formed to plan activities that bring families together for fun and fellowship, encourage teachers and staff, and strengthen the relationship between home, school and church. Baymonte’s PTF also funds special purchases for the school through PTF sponsored fundraisers and freewill donations. Additionally, the PTF aims to sponsor a service project each year to benefit the community.

Every parent or guardian is automatically a member of the PTF. Although the PTF does have singular volunteer positions available (see executive board positions below), most positions are committee based, and events are accomplished with many people doing just a little bit. There are no prerequisites to becoming an active part of the PTF team. This system not only creates many opportunities for new friendships, but it also transforms PTF each year to represent what YOU wish it to be.

PTF is governed by a board of elected executive officers. The PTF officers are dedicated Christian parents desiring to serve and aid in the sound education of all Baymonte Students.

The 2018-2019 PTF Executive Board members are:

President Jeremy Geels
Vice President Mandy Sackett
Secretary Stephanie Johnson
Treasurer Julie North
Social Media Coodinators Heather Whiting and Jenny Boffy
Room Parent/Bake Sale Coordinator Teresa Olsen
Fundraising Coordinator Pam Hanson
Preschool Teacher Liaison Lisa Patterson
Elementary Teacher Liaison Cassy Hazen
Middle School Teacher Liaison Elizabeth Barrett


If you have any questions, or would like to submit a request for a meeting agenda item, please feel free to contact the PTF at

PTF Meetings are held in the Culwell Den.  Parents and teachers are invited and encouraged to attend.

Following are the dates and times of the meetings:

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule
9/10 @ 3pm
10/8 @ 3pm
11/12 @ 3pm
12/10 @3pm
1/14 @ 3pm
2/11 @ 3pm
3/10 @ 3pm
4/14 @ 3pm
5/12 @ 3pm