This year at Baymonte Christian School we are highlighting alumni – past students who’ve attended Baymonte, many preschool through eighth grade! Today we are highlighting David Schlaepfer. Here’s what he had to say about his time at Baymonte:

A definite Baymonte highlight for me was being one of two eighth grade class speakers. Public speaking had always been a struggle for me, and I even flunked out of Mr. Olson’s Speech & Debate elective earlier in the school year. To my surprise, Mrs. Siemsen approached me towards the end of the year and asked if I’d be a speaker at graduation. Of course I said no, no way! But she was super persistent and really believed that I had it in me. Reluctantly, I accepted, and even though I was shaking the whole time, I gave my speech! Conquering that fear that day, knowing that I have the ability to do things I didn’t think I could, really meant so much to me.

Baymonte has a really cool lunch recess break, with the snack shack and just how big the campus is. I think I probably took for granted the huge field we had, but it really was such a great space to stretch out and run around as a kid.

Baymonte’s focus on teaching writing was really important for me going into high school and even today. Being able to outline, structure, and flesh out an essay was an absolutely invaluable skill for me, and I still use techniques I learned while in middle school at Baymonte.

Thanks for sharing David!


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