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National S.T.E.M. Day by Jeremae Reyes

I am so excited to have had the opportunity to organize and celebrate national S.T.E.M. Day for the entire school. S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. S.T.E.M. has always been a passion of mine ever since Middle School where I did similar activities done by our Baymonte students today! It’s amazing to see how creative children can be when given the opportunity to explore their imaginations and think about how their creations can help our society! Middle Schoolers have been preparing the entire week for their egg drop competition. I am very impressed with their work because the MAJORITY of the eggs did NOT break! How awesome is that!

The elementary school started in my classroom with various S.T.E.M. lab activities, then went to the middle school lunch tables for their class activity. Fourth grade and fifth grade made “Balloon Buggies”, which are balloon powered cars! The amazing part of the fourth and fifth grade activity was that they started with a photo and materials, and their challenge was to use what they know of the materials in front of them to create the car!

Second and third graders had trays of water, which represented the ocean, and oil, which represented an oil spill. Added to their mixture were feathers, which represented the birds that are affected by the oil spills. Second and third graders were challenged to collect all of the oil with leaving as much water in their trays as possible using various materials such as sponges, coffee filters, spoons, and paper towels. It was amazing to see their brains process strategies to collect the oil.

Kindergarten and first graders built jelly bean towers. Not only was it sweet and tasty, but it was AMAZING to observe the architectural minds of the younger kids in creating their jelly bean buildings that withstood an earthquake on a shake table. By God’s grace, this S.T.E.M. Day was successful and so fulfilling. I loved working and getting to know all of the kids in our entire school. Let’s keep encouraging S.T.E.M. activities in the lives of the kids, so that they can see how applicable the careers that branch out from S.T.E.M. can be in our everyday lives.


All School Hawaiian Spirit Day and Skate Night

Baymonte’s All School Hawaiian Spirit Day and Skate Night was a blast! Thank you Mrs. Fernald for coordinating these fun events!




K.R.A.F.T. After School Art Club

Introducing K.R.A.F.T., an after-school art club taught by Lauri McNeill, Artist and Architect, Owner of McNeill Design Architects and BCS Art Teacher.

“But now, Lord, you are our Father….We are the clay, and You our potter…all of us are the work of Your hand.” Isaiah 64:8

If you LOVE the arts and want to hang with us one more day a week, to strengthen and “hone” your craft as an artist, join us for K.R.A.F.T.! Students will engage in different art mediums of their choice with options in fabric arts, fashion design, mixed media collage, clay, watercolor, cartoon art, anime, hand lettering, crafting fun stuff and more! Artists will get an option to choose their own independent pathway of creativity and projects. Artistic guidance will be given each week to help them improve and strengthen their skills.

This art club will run for 8 weeks on Mondays after school, 3:00 – 4:45pm:

Monday, October 28

Monday, November 4

*Monday, November 18

Monday, November 25

Monday, December 2

Monday, December 9

Monday, December 16

Monday, January 6

*Note: No class on Monday, November 11 due to school holiday.

We will K.R.A.F.T. in the art room and pick-up will be outside middle school building at 4:45 pm.

Cost: $200/student (includes materials) 

Sign up by OCTOBER 24 in the school office and make payment to Baymonte Christian School. Class size is limited.

Contact Mrs. McNeill with any questions: or studio/cell: 602.703.6025





Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan’s Purse, which organizes the collection and distribution of shoebox gifts to children all over the world! Operation Christmas Child is kicking off at Baymonte this week!  To see OCC in action, watch this video.


Where can I get boxes?

Families can purchase plastic boxes at stores such as Dollar Tree, Kmart or other stores. OCC cardboard boxes are also available in the Baymonte school office.


Can families donate additional boxes?

Yes, families can donate additional complete boxes. Turn them in to your child’s classroom or the Baymonte school office.


What do I pack in a box?

A full list of items to pack and what not to pack are listed here: OCC Box Letter 2019


How much is shipping for each box?

Shipping for each box is $9.00. Please be sure to include the shipping cost by either turning it in with your box or paying for it online. By making your shipping donation online, you can Follow Your Box and see where your shoebox ends up. To find out more about Follow Your Box click here.


Where can I find a label for my box?

Labels can be cut out of the OCC brochure coming home with your student in Friday folders. The school office also has additional labels.


When are boxes due at Baymonte?

All additional boxes are due to Baymonte on Friday, November 15. 


When is Baymonte praying over the boxes?

As a school we will pray over the boxes on the elementary blacktop. All families are welcome to join us in prayer. Time and date to be determined.



Baymonte Christian Middle School Students Love Science With Ms. Reyes!

As a middle school science teacher at Baymonte Christian School, I am constantly asked the question, “How do you teach science with a Christian perspective?”. I enjoy answering this question because it opens the door to conversations about God. I love teaching science with a Christian perspective for two reasons. First, science teaches us to search truth, just as Paul commends the Bereans for examining the scriptures to see if what Paul was preaching about was true. Secondly, there are limitations in explaining why something happens; sometimes we need to accept a fact with faith. In my class, we do various things that help us learn our topic. I am slowly building up my classroom to be a differentiated learning center, where they learn about the topic through questions and discussion, activities, graphic organizers, labs, reading and writing. I have different types of learners in my classroom, so to cater to their preferred learning is important to me!

One of my favorite topics to teach is the sixth-grade plate tectonics unit. All of my students know that I am very fascinated with earthquakes, volcanoes, and just the movement of our earth in general! It’s amazing to see how all of the natural processes of our world work together and the best part about teaching it is that I am able to illuminate God as the source of all things working together in Him, through Him, and for Him! Another favorite of topic I teach is the seventh-grade unit on origins. This does introduce the topic of evolution, but the beauty of being in a Christian school is that I am able to talk about intelligent design as well!

The best part about teaching at Baymonte is the opportunity to develop close relationships with students. I want my students to know that I care for each of them. That may show in the form of attending their sports games, talking to them about their outside interests, providing additional help, or being available if they need someone to talk to. Academics are so important at this age, however, shaping their minds with truths of who they are and who they can be in Christ is much more important. I pray for my students every single day. I also pray that I am able to be a witness of who Christ is and show the same love, grace, and discipline that He showed.




BCS Cross Country Team Comes In Second Place!

Baymonte’s Cross Country team participated in a meet attended by schools in the Bay Area Christian School Athletic League. The runners brought their strength and endurance to a challenging 1.6 mile course. The boys team, consisting of four runners, placed second overall with one of our boys finishing with a stellar third place finish. And the girls team, consisting of three runners, placed fourth overall. An awesome display of their passion for running!


Faculty Highlight Shanna Murphy

Mrs. Murphy and Shasta as a puppy

Shanna Murphy is living out her childhood dream of becoming a teacher and has been teaching kindergarten at Baymonte for over thirteen years. Shanna was born and raised in Rolling Hills, California. She played on her high school tennis team and was voted Most Inspirational Player. She graduated from U.C. Santa Cruz with a degree in Economics and promptly got a job at an insurance company. She returned to school to earn her teaching credential from San Jose State. She married her high school sweetheart, Todd, in 1990. She taught first grade for five years before having her daughters, Blake and Ellie. Once her girls were attending Baymonte she joined the faculty and has been teaching kindergarten ever since.

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching Shanna replied, “I love teaching kids how to read and do basic math. Their “light bulb” moments give me so much joy. My biggest joy is teaching them that God created them uniquely. Baymonte Christian School has given me the opportunity to not just teach the basic academics, but to make sure that each child knows they are loved, forgiven, accepted and embraced by God. I feel so privileged to be entrusted to teach and guide my students.”

Mrs. Murphy is pictured above with her Great Dane dog, Shasta.




Baymonte Christian School’s Alumni Highlight Jessica Patterson

Today we are highlighting Jessica Patterson for today’s BCS alumni post. Jessica attended Baymonte preschool through eighth grade and is currently back at Baymonte working in our preschool as she finishes up her Master of Science degree in occupational therapy at SJSU. Here’s what she had to say about her time at Baymonte:

I truly am grateful to have been raised in the Baymonte community from preschool until 8th grade. I enjoyed many things about my time at Baymonte: the friendships I made and fostered as I grew up, some of the best teachers I still think about to this day, the field trips in elementary school and the big trips in middle school, and the nurturing environment that ensured I always felt loved and cared for.

I have a lot of fond memories from my time at Baymonte, but one of my highlights was the 7th grade missions trip to Rancho de Sus Ninos in Mexico. What an incredible experience it was to study another language for almost two years before getting the opportunity to practice speaking it with the children at Rancho and beyond, all while sharing the love of Jesus. That was my first missions trip and it certainly has not been my last. My family still sponsors the little one-year-old girl I bonded with during my time there. She has grown into a beautiful young lady who LOVES getting to see my dad each year as he visits with my uncle and the current group of 7th graders.

Baymonte has done a tremendous amount in preparing me for high school and beyond. The school instilled in me at an early age the drive I have to work hard in my academics in order to follow my dreams. That work ethic has gotten me through graduating in the top 15 of my high school class, graduating with a B.S. and honors from Cal Poly SLO, and is currently getting me through finishing up my Master of Science degree in occupational therapy at SJSU! I so am thankful for the incredible teachers and the academically driven environment that Baymonte gave me.

Thank you for sharing with us Jessica! We love you!



Heather Burke Speaks In Chapel!

One of our favorite second grade teachers, Heather Burke was a guest speaker in chapel this week. Heather talked about the importance of memorizing Bible verses and hiding God’s Word in our hearts. Heather’s sweet sons Ethan and Elijah enjoyed sharing the Bible verses they have tucked away in their hearts.







BCS Cross Country Team Stood Out At Yesterday’s Meet

Baymonte’s Cross Country team participated in a meet attended by several county wide schools at Pinto Lake County Park yesterday. The runners brought their passion to the 1.8 mile course and showed their awesome Baymonte spirit.