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Baymonte Family Referral Program

At Baymonte Christian School, we take pride in being able to offer small class sizes for our students, kindergarten – eighth grade. In order to offer a small class size with increasing budget demands we strive to find that balance of just the right number of students per class. A couple more students in each class would ease the pressure on our school budget. Our school board has approved an exciting initiative. We are calling on you for help! Do you know a family who would love Baymonte? Refer them to BCS and receive a significant discount at the same time!

Baymonte families are invited to refer a friend to our school. If that friend enrolls at Baymonte both families will receive 10% off 2019/2020 tuition. There is no limit to the number of families a Baymonte family can refer. This discount will only be given to one referring family. The Baymonte Family Referral Program runs from April 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019. Contact our admissions office to start the program or if you have any questions –


Thank You Santa Cruz Seaside Company!

We would like to thank Santa Cruz Seaside Company for their generous sponsorship of Baymonte Christian School’s 2019 Round-Up fundraiser!


Thank You Central Coast Welding & Fabrication!

We would like to thank Central Coast Welding & Fabrication for their generous sponsorship of Baymonte Christian School’s 2019 Round-Up fundraiser!


BCS Fifth Graders Graduate From SVPD D.A.R.E. Program

This week our fifth graders graduated from Scotts Valley Police Department’s D.A.R.E. program. In this 10-week program Officer Mike Birley taught our fifth graders accurate information about alcohol and drugs, taught them decision-making skills, showed them how to resist peer pressure, and gave our students ideas for alternatives to drug use and violence.

The Scotts Valley Police Department D.A.R.E. program’s primary mission is to provide children with the information and skills they need to live drug and violence-free lives. Through D.A.R.E. they establish positive relationships between students and law enforcement, teachers, parents, and other community leaders. D.A.R.E.’s innovative and highly effective curriculum was developed by Los Angeles Unified School District health education specialists. D.A.R.E. officers receive 80 hours of special training to be equipped with all the tools they need to teach a course in drug resistance and violence avoidance techniques.

At the end of their 10-week program each fifth grader is asked to write an essay about what they learned in the D.A.R.E. program. Two essay winners are chosen to read their essays in the graduation ceremony. Special guests at this year’s graduation included Officer Mike Birley, Chief Steve Walpole, Sergeant Wayne Bellville, Officer Paul Lopez, Lieutenant John Wilson, Officer Meredith Roberts, retired SVPD and former mayor Donna Lind, and school principal Steve Patterson. Thank you all for investing in our students!





Frisbee Assembly at Baymonte Christian School

BCS Elementary PE teacher, Mrs. Fernald invited special guests to school to conclude her frisbee unit in class. Ryan and his Disc Dogs (Emma, Nico and Kimi) performed in a special assembly on the Baymonte field. During Mrs. Fernald’s frisbee unit students learned the very first frisbee was a metal pie pan made by a pie company named Frisbee Pies in 1938. Thanks for a fun assembly Mrs. Fernald!


Thank You Ocean Honda!

We would like to thank Ocean Honda for their generous sponsorship of Baymonte Christian School’s 2019 Round-Up fundraiser!


Bring A Friend To School Day – Wednesday, April 3


Baymonte Christian School is hosting “Bring A Friend To School Day” on Wednesday, April 3, 2019. This is a day for kindergarten – 7th grade students to experience BCS for a school day and meet our students, teachers and staff. If they have a friend at Baymonte we will pair them up for the day, otherwise we will connect them with a student in their current grade. A complimentary lunch will be provided for both student and their friend. Both will take home a BCS Swag Bag as a thank you gift.

Current students are encouraged to invite a friend from a sports team, church, or neighborhood to spend a day at school.

The online consent form is due March 29 and can be found here. If you have additional questions please email or call the Baymonte office.

Students will check-in and meet their Baymonte buddy at tables set up near the Chapel. Baymonte is hosting a coffee social for all new families in the courtyard from 7:30am – 9:00am. Please come by and enjoy coffee and a treat.

Check-in: 7:45am (middle school)

8:00am (4th & 5th grades)

8:15am (K – 3rd grades)


Pick-up: 12:20pm (K – 2nd grades)

12:45pm (3rd – 5th grades)

1:15pm (middle school)


BCS Second Graders Visit The Pond

Recently our second graders concluded their class pond studies with a field trip to a local, private pond. Highlights of the day included seeing newts, dragonfly nymphs, mosquito larvae, frogs, water striders and collecting pond water to look at under microscopes back in the classroom. Later in the week students constructed tardigrade (a microscopic animal also known as the “water bear”) engineering structures and formed microorganisms out of clay.


Baymonte Middle School Students Take Second Place In Santa Cruz County Science Fair



Congratulations to Baymonte Christian Middle School students, Landon Fernald and Lenora Freeman on taking second place at the county level for their science fair projects. They both are going to the state championships in Los Angeles in April!


Baymonte Christian Middle School Celebrates National Pi Day!