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Something To Sing About

Something To Sing About:

For over 100 cars navigating rush hour traffic and parking at 440 Frederick Street

To You we give thanks!

For puffy white sweaters, black leather shoes, scarlet vests, and Christmas-tree ties

To You we give thanks!

For hushed silence, blue-violet light, and ancient words: “…seen a Great Light…a Son is given…”

To You we give thanks!

For fingers and lungs, smiles on our faces, and songs on our tongues

To You we give thanks!

For hidden help behind the scenes, for parents and teachers, for prayer-bent knees

To You we give thanks!

For something to sing about, to blow, buzz, beat and celebrate…

To You we give thanks!

“Because your Love is better than life, my lips will glorify you!” (Psalm 63:3)

Thank you for celebrating the Light of His presence with us Tuesday night! May you continue to discover reasons to make music unto Him as you walk in His Light this Christmas season.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Elizabeth Barrett

Baymonte Christian School Music Director



Part of a Master Composition by Baymonte Music Director, Elizabeth Barrett

When Jesus wrote me into His Baymonte Composition this fall, I thought I was coming to teach music. It turns out He brought me here to learn the melody of His musicians. I don’t have clarinets in the key of B flat as much as I have clarinetists in the key of endurance. Instead of just introducing pitches and motions to my kindergarten and first grade musicians, God has introduced me to kindergarten theologians and first grade professors. He has deepened music-making into the beauty of relationship, both between musicians and with The Musician Himself. The best part of making music with all of the Baymonte students God has gathered here is seeing God orchestrate harmonies I couldn’t have imagined. Just like when He transformed five loaves, two fish, and willingness to look foolish (faith) into miraculous fellowship and feast, He takes our tools, talents, and tentative tries, and He turns them into rich musical exchange: lives overlapping through music. Let me give you an example from last Sunday.

“I’m soooo nervous!” my bright-eyed first grade musician blurted out.

The Christmas-colored choir huddled in their “tall” and “short” line just off-stage. I told them they weren’t nervous but excited, encouraging them to smile as they shared their voices and their reindeer-Merry-Christmas-cards with the grey-haired audience waiting eagerly around the corner. I should have told them what my advance band talked about today as we debriefed this very same concert: good things come at a cost. Sometimes nervousness and willingness to put yourself out there is the first step to making a new friend. So, on they went. We brought our voices. The band brought instruments. We offered our tools and talents: song sheets, red and green construction paper, scales, embouchures… We brought tentative tries: “What’s your name?” “Without further ado, let’s welcome…” “Can I share lyrics with you?”  God multiplied our musical offering into His harmony, a melody beyond what I could have imagined. I don’t think I’ll forget His orchestration of the last carol we sang together: Silent Night. I looked over at two hands holding firmly to the crisp page of lyrics, one wrinkled and unsteady, the other smooth and small. 70 and 7-year-olds lifted up their voices, “Son of God, Love’s Pure Light…”

The best part of the Baymonte Composition is that it’s not over yet. I hope you will join me in praying over our annual Christmas Concert this upcoming Tuesday, and I look forward to seeing you there as we celebrate the Light of God’s presence. May God continue to glorify His name, orchestrating our tools, talents, and tries into harmony beyond what we could ask for or imagine. Soli Deo Gloria!




Did you know? by Rachel Hofmann

Did you know that one of our current eighth graders qualified for the junior olympics, that another is an elite baseball player, that another loves to fish and that several participate in CYT? I consider myself very blessed to teach at school with so many talented and passionate students. My favorite aspect of teaching middle school is helping kids discover new interests and grow in areas of giftedness.

In the 10 years I’ve been at Baymonte, I’ve been especially thankful for the ways our parents and school community have provided support for kids who are passionate about science, technology, and mathematics. PTF and Tech Trek funds have provided robotics and rocketry supplies, sophisticated equipment for science fair projects, online learning opportunities, and an endless supply of expo markers…all tools that help unleash kids’ potential and creativity.

This year, I have especially enjoyed the opportunity to build robots with some very enthusiastic 5th graders. Josh Wright, a former Baymonte student now at Scotts Valley High School, has been leading a robotics club on Wednesdays after school. It’s been a pleasure watching the students design, build, and program their robots. Right now, several students are working on a giant claw-hand, and are also working hard to make their robot talk and sing as it performs its work. I can’t wait to see the final products!



Baymonte Apparel

We are happy to introduce Baymonte Apparel available for purchase. Order your Baymonte Apparel before December 6 and your order will be delivered to school the week of December 17 with no shipping charges!

Check out all the tshirt and sweatshirt options here! Once you submit your online order you may pay for your items in the Baymonte school office with cash, check or credit card. You may also call the school office (831) 438-0100 with payment. School office hours are 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday.



Bring A Friend To School Day at Baymonte Christian School

All had fun at yesterday’s Bring A Friend To School Day! Twenty-three students, in kindergarten through eighth grade, from schools in our community visited Baymonte for the morning. They joined their Baymonte friends for a morning in class, ate a complimentary lunch from Jia Tellas and competed in donut races on the grass with Mrs. Fernald. Baymonte students enjoyed their special guests!




Baymonte Night With The Santa Cruz Warriors

Summary of the event by Patrice Fernald:

Baymonte Night with the Santa Cruz Warriors was an amazing night! It all started with our Baymonte Boys and Girls Basketball teams playing a scrimmage on the court during Prime Time. There was so much action and awesome hoops made by our very own athletes which made watching their game so much fun.

Once the official Santa Cruz Warriors vs. South Bay Lakers game started, the Baymonte involvement didn’t stop. Ryan Lansdowne sang a solo song, “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John after the first quarter of the game……Great job Ryan!  You rocked it!

At half time, it was so fun seeing all the Baymonte kindergarten through 5th graders making their way down to the staging area near the court. They carefully chose just the right hula hoop and made their way in two lines covering sides of the court while “Good Golly Miss Molly and the Hoopin Honeys” performed in center court. The hula hoops were twirling around on all 50 kids as they were spinning to songs, “We Will Rock You” and “Happy” by Pherrell Williams.

The evening ended with joy and excitement and all of the students were welcome to get player autographs and to attempt shooting a free throw on the court before leaving.

This was a very successful Baymonte Family Night with the Santa Cruz Warriors and an evening to be remembered!  Thank you to all the families who came out to support Baymonte Christian School.




Fabulous In Fifth

by Kendra Morrison, Baymonte’s 5A Teacher

As a teacher, I have been in the presence of future greatness. In my nine years of teaching, I have come alongside future explorers, inventors, doctors and teachers. I would not be surprised if that one kindergartener I had in 2010 will someday become a Senator. That little girl who loved science may become a researcher and find a cure for cancer. The boy I taught, who drew rockets and blasted out of his seat every day, may one day venture to Mars.

Only God knows what each student will become, but as their teacher, it is thrilling to watch Him design, inspire and mold them, “to equip them for every good work.” What an incredible privilege, and joy to watch young people grow, and discover more about Jesus Christ every day!

I knew someday I would become a teacher, yet chose to spend 15 years in publishing, design, marketing and full-time ministry before returning to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Teaching. God continually utilizes these previous skills and experiences to inform my teaching. I enjoy assisting students to become better writers and dive into great literature. My favorite time each day is when we open our Bibles and learn more about God together. What an incredible gift it is to have the freedom to worship, pray and grow in our faith together!

My world outside of school is equally full. I am a local artist and member of the 17th Avenue Studios community, where over 30 artists work and exhibit regularly. I participate in the county-wide Open Studios and have had the opportunity to have work on display at the Art and History Museum. My work is currently on display at the Santa Cruz County Government Center.

Best of all, I have been blessed to share life with my husband, Dave, and our two teenage boys, Gabriel and Benjamin. My family is the most precious blessing of all!



Water Bottle Stickers

Baymonte has custom designed stickers for your hydro flask water bottles! These new stickers were designed by Baymonte alum Mady McNeil who is now studying Graphic Design at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Bring a friend next Monday, November 19 to Bring A Friend To School Day and receive your choice of water bottle stickers! For more information about Bring A Friend To School Day click here.


Baymonte Packs 345 Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child

Baymonte families continue to support Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way by packing gift-filled shoeboxes for needy children around the world.

Students, staff and parents joined together this morning to pray over the 345 shoeboxes before sending them to the relay center in Santa Cruz. Mrs. Hazen led the prayer over the shoeboxes asking for God’s blessing over the transportation process and the children who will receive these gifts. Thank you for generously donating, and we encourage you to continue to pray for these gifts to impact lives for Christ!




What do I love about working at Baymonte? by Catherine Upton

What do I love about working at Baymonte?

by Catherine Upton


Baymonte is FUN!

F is for Family

Baymonte is like a family. As a staff, we pray for each other, genuinely care about each other and often spend time together outside of school.

I also feel like the students are part of my family because I get to know them from a young age and watch them grow up. I love being able to work with preschoolers and kindergarteners and watch them grow into wonderful elementary children before they blossom into young adults as middle schoolers. I love being able to work with all ages of kids and getting to know the entire student body. I also enjoy making connections with parents and families. Over the years Baymonte has become like my extended family.

Baymonte had an impact on my own kids as well. Both attended Baymonte and are now in their twenties. Some of their closest friends today are ones they met at Baymonte many years ago.

U if for Ultimate

One of my ultimate passions is fostering a love of books and reading. I personally love reading and children’s and young adult books are my favorite books to read. Sharing this love with students is very rewarding. There is nothing like the smile on a kid’s face when you hand them the book they have been waiting for. Or seeing a reluctant reader become an avid reader when I recommend a book, series or author that they might like. I have had parents come to me years after their children have left Baymonte to tell me, “Thank you for recommending that book. It got my child to finally enjoy reading.” I am thankful for being able to share my love of reading and books with Baymonte students.

N is for Nourish

I feel privileged to have been part of the educational and spiritual nourishment of young people at Baymonte for the past 15 years. Recently, one of my favorite activities has been doing story time for the preschools. Reading great stories, laughing, singing, and sharing early literacy activities with the little ones is so much fun. I also love promoting literacy to the elementary and middle school with the Scholastic Book Fairs and the Baymonte Summer Reading Program. Being able to select and purchase a wide range of books that are for pleasure, educational enrichment, or just great reading material is one of the best parts of my job.

Baymonte is a FUN place to work and I am thankful for the wonderful teachers, staff, students, and families I have had privilege of working with for the past 15 years.