Baymonte Christian Middle School Students Love Science With Ms. Reyes!

As a middle school science teacher at Baymonte Christian School, I am constantly asked the question, “How do you teach science with a Christian perspective?”. I enjoy answering this question because it opens the door to conversations about God. I love teaching science with a Christian perspective for two reasons. First, science teaches us to search truth, just as Paul commends the Bereans for examining the scriptures to see if what Paul was preaching about was true. Secondly, there are limitations in explaining why something happens; sometimes we need to accept a fact with faith. In my class, we do various things that help us learn our topic. I am slowly building up my classroom to be a differentiated learning center, where they learn about the topic through questions and discussion, activities, graphic organizers, labs, reading and writing. I have different types of learners in my classroom, so to cater to their preferred learning is important to me!

One of my favorite topics to teach is the sixth-grade plate tectonics unit. All of my students know that I am very fascinated with earthquakes, volcanoes, and just the movement of our earth in general! It’s amazing to see how all of the natural processes of our world work together and the best part about teaching it is that I am able to illuminate God as the source of all things working together in Him, through Him, and for Him! Another favorite of topic I teach is the seventh-grade unit on origins. This does introduce the topic of evolution, but the beauty of being in a Christian school is that I am able to talk about intelligent design as well!

The best part about teaching at Baymonte is the opportunity to develop close relationships with students. I want my students to know that I care for each of them. That may show in the form of attending their sports games, talking to them about their outside interests, providing additional help, or being available if they need someone to talk to. Academics are so important at this age, however, shaping their minds with truths of who they are and who they can be in Christ is much more important. I pray for my students every single day. I also pray that I am able to be a witness of who Christ is and show the same love, grace, and discipline that He showed.




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