Baymonte Christian School’s Favorite “Campus Mom”, Joanne Dawid

It’s Faculty Friday at Baymonte Christian School! Today we are highlighting Joanne Dawid, our “Campus Mom”. Over the thirty-five years she has served at Baymonte she’s been many things to many people. Mom, grandma, aunt, counselor, yard-duty, nurse, boss, colleague, friend and confidant are a few of the roles she’s played. Joanne’s four children have attended Baymonte along with five grandchildren, a great niece, great nephew and currently her great, great nephew.

Joanne loves connecting with her students and families and has dozens of endearing stories she remembers. She often helps at Christmastime with the transportation of our students to Santa Cruz Bible for the rehearsal of Baymonte’s Christmas program. One year a parent asked her son who he traveled with to the rehearsal and this second grader responded, “I went with the owner of Baymonte.” Joanne and this parent got a good laugh about the student’s response. Although she’s not the owner, she is an important faculty member and is appreciated by so many!

Joanne is head yard-duty at Baymonte and oversees all the teacher’s aides as well as the After School Care Program. Baymonte is family to Joanne. The feeling of mutual love and care for each of her students and their families is what she loves best about working at the school.



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  1. Donna Amadeo-Reply
    September 11, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    What beautiful pictures of such a beautiful person and family !

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