Summary of the event by Patrice Fernald:

Baymonte Night with the Santa Cruz Warriors was an amazing night! It all started with our Baymonte Boys and Girls Basketball teams playing a scrimmage on the court during Prime Time. There was so much action and awesome hoops made by our very own athletes which made watching their game so much fun.

Once the official Santa Cruz Warriors vs. South Bay Lakers game started, the Baymonte involvement didn’t stop. Ryan Lansdowne sang a solo song, “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John after the first quarter of the game……Great job Ryan!  You rocked it!

At half time, it was so fun seeing all the Baymonte kindergarten through 5th graders making their way down to the staging area near the court. They carefully chose just the right hula hoop and made their way in two lines covering sides of the court while “Good Golly Miss Molly and the Hoopin Honeys” performed in center court. The hula hoops were twirling around on all 50 kids as they were spinning to songs, “We Will Rock You” and “Happy” by Pherrell Williams.

The evening ended with joy and excitement and all of the students were welcome to get player autographs and to attempt shooting a free throw on the court before leaving.

This was a very successful Baymonte Family Night with the Santa Cruz Warriors and an evening to be remembered!  Thank you to all the families who came out to support Baymonte Christian School.




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