Did you know that one of our current eighth graders qualified for the junior olympics, that another is an elite baseball player, that another loves to fish and that several participate in CYT? I consider myself very blessed to teach at school with so many talented and passionate students. My favorite aspect of teaching middle school is helping kids discover new interests and grow in areas of giftedness.

In the 10 years I’ve been at Baymonte, I’ve been especially thankful for the ways our parents and school community have provided support for kids who are passionate about science, technology, and mathematics. PTF and Tech Trek funds have provided robotics and rocketry supplies, sophisticated equipment for science fair projects, online learning opportunities, and an endless supply of expo markers…all tools that help unleash kids’ potential and creativity.

This year, I have especially enjoyed the opportunity to build robots with some very enthusiastic 5th graders. Josh Wright, a former Baymonte student now at Scotts Valley High School, has been leading a robotics club on Wednesdays after school. It’s been a pleasure watching the students design, build, and program their robots. Right now, several students are working on a giant claw-hand, and are also working hard to make their robot talk and sing as it performs its work. I can’t wait to see the final products!



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