Online Essential Conversation Skills Course for Students

If you have ever been at a dinner party and felt stuck in conversation, not knowing what to say after the initial pleasantries die down … then you are going to love STAR Conversations.

STAR Conversations is a curriculum designed and taught by our very own Mr. Fujishin (though for this program, he goes by J.V. Fuji.) It is a four-part, online course that is geared toward helping your child thrive in their interpersonal skills and never feel awkward in conversation again.

How many times have you seen a teenager start to feel awkward in conversation, and rather than push through the awkwardness and learn the skills necessary to converse with adults and others… they pull out their phone?

The problem with this is that if we do not do anything, their conversation skills will only get worse.

People get good at what they practice. Every day that your child gives into the awkwardness and looks down at their phone rather than talking to others, they are practicing retreat and isolation behaviors. But can you imagine if they got good at something else?

Can you imagine if you child knew the skills to thrive in conversation with their peers and other adults? If your child was the one that was known for being able to talk to your friends when they ran into them in the store, rather than just look down at their phone?

STAR Conversations gives your child the tools they need to engage rather than retreat. To choose connection over isolation.

Here at Baymonte—we want every child to thrive conversationally. Not only for their own sake, but also for the sake of Gospel. How will we preach Jesus to others if we cannot connect with others?

Equip your child with everything they need to get ahead socially and in the future. Enroll in the STAR Conversations Course today!


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