by Kendra Morrison, Baymonte’s 5A Teacher

As a teacher, I have been in the presence of future greatness. In my nine years of teaching, I have come alongside future explorers, inventors, doctors and teachers. I would not be surprised if that one kindergartener I had in 2010 will someday become a Senator. That little girl who loved science may become a researcher and find a cure for cancer. The boy I taught, who drew rockets and blasted out of his seat every day, may one day venture to Mars.

Only God knows what each student will become, but as their teacher, it is thrilling to watch Him design, inspire and mold them, “to equip them for every good work.” What an incredible privilege, and joy to watch young people grow, and discover more about Jesus Christ every day!

I knew someday I would become a teacher, yet chose to spend 15 years in publishing, design, marketing and full-time ministry before returning to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Teaching. God continually utilizes these previous skills and experiences to inform my teaching. I enjoy assisting students to become better writers and dive into great literature. My favorite time each day is when we open our Bibles and learn more about God together. What an incredible gift it is to have the freedom to worship, pray and grow in our faith together!

My world outside of school is equally full. I am a local artist and member of the 17th Avenue Studios community, where over 30 artists work and exhibit regularly. I participate in the county-wide Open Studios and have had the opportunity to have work on display at the Art and History Museum. My work is currently on display at the Santa Cruz County Government Center.

Best of all, I have been blessed to share life with my husband, Dave, and our two teenage boys, Gabriel and Benjamin. My family is the most precious blessing of all!



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  1. Patrice Fernald-Reply
    November 21, 2018 at 6:10 pm

    Kendra Morrison is a fabulous teacher… She puts so much love and effort into leading these awesome students at Baymonte. What a treat to work along side her : )
    ~Patrice Fernald

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