Daryl with her husband, four children, and new son-in-law

Baymonte Christian School has been a part of my life and my family’s life for over 17 years! Our family moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains from the Bay Area in 2001 and we found this special school almost by accident (of course, this was no accident!). I remember meeting with Mr. Patterson in his office and touring the school with him. I loved the campus and the people that I met. We also went to Open House and met with Mrs. Wilcox….if you have not seen Mrs. Wilcox’s room at Open House, be sure and check it out this March!

I was truly amazed by God’s plan for our family. We were going to have our kids at Baymonte Christian School! We started at the school with a second grader (Elizabeth), a kindergartener (AnnaMarie), and a two-year-old (Josef)! Wow! It was a huge and incredible change for us. Not only did we leave behind all our friends and family, we also had to navigate a brand new school. But, being at Baymonte with great teachers, staff, and friends, made this transition so much easier for our family.

I started working at the school in 2005 as an IPI (Individual Program of Instruction) teacher. IPI uses a multi-sensory program which is phonics-based and helps kids who need assistance with their reading. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my students and seeing the excitement in their eyes when reading started to become easier for them. I left in June of 2007 because I was having a baby (William), our fourth child who was born in September 2007.

In August of 2018, I returned back to Baymonte as an employee again, this time working in the office handling the Human Resources for the school. I have so loved working in the office with the incredible staff we have here.  Every day brings something new and I am grateful that I get to work with friends that make me laugh, share their struggles with me, and pray for me.

William is now in Fifth Grade! Time does fly by sometimes! I am so thankful for all the teachers, aides, office staff, daycare workers, and friends that have taught and loved my kids over these many years. I now know that God’s plan was for Baymonte to become part of our lives. I thank God that He brought us here and feel blessed by all the many people who have touched our lives over the years.



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  1. Shari Brough-Reply
    January 11, 2019 at 3:56 pm

    I LOVE this update!! Daryl… you have been blessed with a beautiful family and I’m so glad to have seen this on FB. Love to you and your family!! XO Shari Brough

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