Congratulations to our graduated eighth grade class! Whether our students are heading to a private or public high school, our graduates are leaving Baymonte incredibly prepared for their future! In recent testing completed these twenty-nine students had impressive results:


  • -81% of this class participated in PSAT 8/9 testing and the mean score was 1089. Comparably, the mean score for eighth grade students nationwide was 851.
  • -This test uses the same scale as the SAT. In 2018, the College Board reported the average SAT score for all college-bound seniors was 1068. Thus, the average Baymonte eighth grader scored about 20 points higher than the average college-bound high school senior.
  • -The median total score was 1130, which represents the 98th percentile for eighth grade students nationwide.
  • -100% of our test-takers met the College Board’s readiness benchmark for 9th grade reading. 95% of test-takers met the readiness benchmark for eighth grade math and 85% met the benchmark for ninth grade.
  • -93% of our current eighth grade took the WrAP writing assessment. 100% met the grade-level benchmark. The median raw score of 28 represents the 96th percentile of eighth grade students nationwide; 17 students scored in the 90th percentile or higher.


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