Mrs. Murphy and Shasta as a puppy

Shasta has been found! Mrs. Murphy and her KB class went on a campus wide hunt Wednesday looking for the escaped (stuffed animal) class pet, Shasta. After searching the playground, library, and chapel she was finally found by the exploring kindergartners in Mr. Patterson’s office!

The stuffed animal class pet is a replica of Mrs. Murphy’s pet great dane dog, Shasta (pictured above as a puppy). Mrs. Murphy is living out her childhood dream of becoming a teacher and has been teaching at Baymonte for 11 years. When asked what she enjoys most about teaching Shanna replied, “I love teaching kids how to read and do basic math. Their “light bulb” moments give me so much joy. My biggest joy is teaching them that God created them uniquely. Baymonte Christian School has given me the opportunity to not just teach the basic academics, but to make sure that each child knows they are loved, forgiven, accepted and embraced by God. I feel so privileged to be entrusted to teach and guide my students.” To read Shanna’s complete bio visit our website here.



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